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2019 Mighty Hawk Band 

War Among Gods

This year's marching band show is called "War Among God's." The color guard shines in gold while portraying the visual story of the show with two opposing groups representing the God of Mars with red flags and the God of Jupiter with blue flags.  Throughout the show, you will see two featured soloists. Lexi, our baton twirler, represents Jupiter. Allison, our color guard member, represents Mars.  At the beginning of movement two, the guard carries handheld silks to serve their God. As the guard interacts with band members, they try to persuade them to join their Gods' side for the war. The two soloists dance the same choreography in an opposing manner around the solo musician stand. In movement three, the color guard has a more unified feel of peace as they come together holding the same color flag. However, an intense battle between Jupiter and Mars breaks out, and the show ends with Mars reigning as the supreme planet and wins the War Among Gods. 

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